Sand Gravel Pump

Sand Gravel Pump

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Matec Solutions supply sand gravel pump which is equivalent with Warman G&GH Gravel pump, for large particle slurry pumping.  It is horizontal single casing construction, and the wet end parts are made of high chrome alloy to ensure a long service life time. The durable high strength parts are with more thickness than common pump, which make it possible to work for very harsh applications.
MG series is the standard type sand gravel pump, MGH series is the high head design, for higher total head application like coal tailing rejects, sometimes customers will select the GHP gravel pumps, Matec Solutions also are able to give you alternative options. All the pump parts are compatible with Warman Gravel pump, we help you increase availability with less cost, partnered with Matec Solutions, we promise full life cycle warranty, we take care of our customers and products at any time.
Applications: Dredging,  Cyclone Feeding, Coal washing, Tailing reject, Quarry


1, Model Equivalence with Warman Gravel Pump: Matec→Warman:


2, Size Range:

MG: 6/4D, 8/6E, 10/8F, 12/10ST,14/12G, 18/16T ;  MGH: 8/6F, 10/8S, 12/10G, 16/14TU ;

3, Shaft Seal Options: Packing Seal, Expeller Seal, Hi-Seal;

4, Wet end parts materials equivalent: A05, A12 etc.;

5, Dimensional interchangeability and guaranteed performance;

6, Optimized design and material is available as per customized requirements.

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