Poly-met Mill Liners

Poly-met Mill Liners

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Poly-Met Mill liners combines the most desirable properties of rubber and steel to maximum advantage. This combination allows the use of more wear resistant alloys of iron and steel than can be used in a conventional metallic lining, as the rubber substantially dampens the impact forces and also results in a lower lining weight.

Poly-Met solution including lifter bars, plates and grates. We select alloys and profiles based on your specific application and operating conditions. Different lining materials such as rubber, metallic and Poly-Met can be combined in the same mill to achieve optimal performance.

AG/SAG/Ball Mill Grinding for mineral processing, cement industry and power plant.

Features :
High wear and impact resistance;
High strength and high toughness;
Complete compatibility and long service life.
1, Keep the profile: Possible to execute a complete lining renewal in a single maintenance stop, Alloys and profiles are tailor-made based on application and operating conditions;
2, Balance the wear life: Use a minimum amount of the metallic component, placed in strategic locations;
3, Reduce weight and predict wear life: Easily installed and less maintenance time;
4, Avoid cracking: Less cracking and thereby fewer unplanned stops;
5, Eliminate pegging problems: Eliminate pegging problems and maintain aperture sizing;
6, Safe and easy handling of light weight components;
7, No leakage or peening;

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